TEAM ACMO will be captained by DEAN McCABE, a long standing ACMO director and organizer of the popular ACMO Hockey, with MIKE WYNNE and MARK FERA serving as alternate captains.



#17  Mark Fera (Alternate Captain)
TBD  Mike Wynne (Alternate Captain)
#13  Rob O'Neill 
#9   Van Smith, RCM 
#11  David Corbett 
#88  Noah Maislin 
#27  Brian De Carli
TBD  Rob from Davenport
TBD  Ron Boyko



#25  Dean McCabe, RCM (Captain) 
#3  Chris Poland, RCM 
#26  Mike Kudrac, RCM 
#10  Domenic Chiarini, RCM 
#4  Mike Fernandes 
#66  Ashley Russouw



 TBD  Sven


If you are on TEAM ACMO, please click here or on the image below to access the waiver that you must send in to participate in this event.