TEAM CCI was captained by CCI Toronto's 2nd Vice President, MARC BHALLA, with PETER LEONG and STEFAN NESPOLI serving as alternate captains.  JONATHAN FINE served as the team's head coach.



Head Coach
Jonathan Fine



#17  Marc Bhalla (Captain)
#12   Peter Leong (Alternate Captain)
#22 Ryan Griffiths
#1 Brad Wells, RCM
#90 Marko Lindhe
#27 Mike Spence
#7 Gerry Miller 
#3 Jason Truman
#19 Jake Fine



#14 Stefan Nespoli (Alternate Captain) 
#77 Erik Savas
#6 Paul Rudling
#9  Mitchell Saltzman
#16 Joe Ryan
#44 Will Reppen



#30  Gabe Nespoli



- Head Coach Jonathan Fine has written several books about coaching hockey.

- Despite growing up across the street from the parents of Fred Stanfield - who maintained an outdoor skating rink during the winter for neighbourhood kids - Marc Bhalla really only learned to skate at the tender age of 30.  Ten years later, he considers the captaincy of TEAM CCI to be the greatest accomplishment of his hockey career.

- Peter Leong was the very first President of CCI Toronto.  He also is a regular ACMO Hockey player and was highly coveted in negotiations surrounding roster selection with ACMO.  TEAM CCI is pleased to have Peter home, where he belongs!

- Despite being a fan of the Ottawa Senators, Stefan Nespoli was appointed an Alternate Captain of TEAM CCI because of his dedication to helping organize the CONDO CUP.  The game would not have been possible without Stefan's enthusiasm and support in turning this dream into a reality.